The invincible Tottenham Hotspur race is the longest race of the season in the Premier League.

I am a local Viking, Eric Dier laughed after he was found wearing goalkeeper gloves during cricket matches on the training field of Tottenham Hotspur.

The Hotspur Way clips reflect the general mood of the club, which is the top of the Premier League standings and face Arsenal in the North London derby on Sunday.

It’s not that Dierre’s involved.

It’s always nice to be the first, but it clearly doesn’t mean much now – the most important thing in May, he says to the sport.

However, the English international is an integral part of the competition’s most economic defense: Jose Mourinho has gone four games unbeaten in the last five championships, has admitted three goals in the last eight minutes and has signed with West Ham in October.

We were disappointed with the way it happened, and we talked about it later as a group, Deere said. We knew what we could do best.

It really is a team effort to defend well. This is due to the fact that 11 players do everything that is necessary.

In that sense, it was a great feeling to see that everyone is willing to go the extra mile for each other, and that’s really important.

In ten league games this season, Spurs have missed nine goals, including three penalties, despite having little time to work together on the field.

We had a hard time practicing because of the schedule – lots of meetings, Deere adds. I feel like we’ve defended ourselves very well throughout the season.

Southampton and Brighton were the only goals we allowed in open play, all the others came out of the playing zone or the second phase after the playing zone.

It was very disappointing. That’s what we had to do and that’s what we did.

The tracks are currently on goal difference against Liverpool, although Chelsea and Lester City may play early this weekend and move forward.

Mourinho is very authentic, he never changesHe never changes

Eric Deere and Jose Mourinho Jose Mourinho led Tottenham in November last year.

The conductor, who led the highlights of Mauricio Pochettino’s era in midfield, says he now feels more comfortable and confident in midfield and is doing his utmost to get fully fit again after his appendectomy in December 2018.

The departure of the players and a three-month suspension in March led to an eventful final season.

With new signs and a lot of fresh energy, Dier sees the current campaign in Mourinho starting from scratch.

He had his influence, Deere, who spoke before his speech at the Web Summit, speaks of the first year of Portuguese domination.

I mean, all he brings is the way he wants us to be a team on and off the field. The way he wants the practice field, the practice sessions.

He brought his own style in different ways, and everyone enjoys working with him. He explained very quickly what he expected from us and it was always very clear.

It is clear that by spending more time in the group and with the manager and his management team, you build closer relationships and a better mutual understanding.

It’s very authentic, very real and never changes. It’s nice working with her – very honest, very direct. He’s the first serious man, and he’s also the first to joke when the time comes.

Mourinho even started exchanging messages on social networks after the games so that fans could decipher them.

He has fun, and that’s the most important thing, and everyone loves him, says Animal. He gave us a few tips here and there about what he thinks is a good instagram!

It is not the case that Dierre needs advice on social media.

The 26-year-old blogger has put the finishing touches to a social networking application he set up with his brother Patrick and friend Zoe Connick that encourages users to share their favourite places such as restaurants, cafes and hotels.

We think it’s something that everyone can understand, says Dier, whose Spurs teammates usually work with Spotlas.

We put this word in your mouth: you can ask your friends or family for information about places of interest or someone in the city or country you are visiting on the platform, so that people can find the best places in all the cities they go to.

The first work was difficult, especially during the global pandemic, but Mr. Dier is happy to overcome these difficulties and has a project to focus on.

Patrick and Zoe have worked day and night for the past two years, day and night, and have invested so much, he adds. Of course football takes up a lot of my time, but we meet every week to discuss new ideas and everything related to the application.

Seeing the final product, getting it on the phone and experiencing it was incredible.

This gave the former sportsman of Lisbon, who also studied social sciences at the Open University, a foretaste of the future.

I finished my first year and then Spotlas came and took over, explains Dier, who is already considering another application. It’s very important for me to be able to concentrate on other things than football.

It’s nice to have those distractions, to work and learn other skills. The app certainly gave me that. I’ve learned so much – how to deal with different situations, how to work with the start-up and everything that comes with it. I enjoyed the whole process.

On Sunday, however, he will focus on keeping Spurs at the top and welcoming fans to Tottenham Hotspur for the first time since March 2000.

We’re very excited about it, Deere says. For the few people who manage to come, it will be a good change and hopefully the beginning of a certain normalization.

We were lucky to keep doing what we loved. I tried to remember as best I could.

It’s amazing to come every day to train and play at the same time.

Arsenal fan Robbie Lyle and Tottenham Expression try to complement each other Around a pedestrian - his Around a pedestrian - his

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