Lamar Jackson on Cam Newton: ‘Game Recognize Game”


Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson, the superstar of Baltimore Ravens and NFL MVP, was partly characterized by the success of Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers.

Jackson is aware of this and has expressed his gratitude.

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Jackson: Game Learn the game. It’s OG, Superman.

The development of Double Threat quarterbacks didn’t start with Newton, but he certainly did a lot to prove to NFL officials that this style can be effective in the NFL. Newton led the Panthers to a 15-1 record and to the Super Bowl Dock in 2015.

Injuries had a negative effect on the rest of the Newton Panthers, leading to his release before the start of the season, completing his landing with the New England Patriots.

Despite the burglary and the fact that he returns to his old form, Jaxom remembers what Newton did with the Panthers at the best time of his life. When he was asked about his colleague on Sunday, Jackson reacted noticeably.

Lamar Jackson is in Cam Newton today: Game with player recognition. It’s an O.G. Superman.

– Andrew Callahan (@_AndrewCallahan) 11. November 2020.

Similarities and differences between Jackson and Newton

There are clear similarities between them in terms of their ability to play with their feet, but that is the problem. The games developed differ in that Jackson generally plays faster and has a much smaller status than Newton.

The Patriots quarterback has lost a step in the speed category, but he is still more agile than most and as strong as any other player in his position. His ability to pass defenders – especially in a short period of time – is one of his best weapons.

Jackson needs to limit the number of contacts because it’s not designed for this style. It is safe to say that Newton is not the same, which could explain his constant struggle with his injuries.

Difficult game for Patriots

The Patriots game seems very difficult for both parties. Over the past few weeks, New England has been trying to stop the race a little. New England has indeed maintained jets at 65 meters altitude, but before that it lost the Buffalo Beals and the 49 crews of San Francisco a total of 387 meters on the ground.

Before rookie Mehki Becton was injured, New York City also had field experience. Si J. К. Dobbins and Jackson are coming out of the Ravens, the Patriot defenses will be occupied. The same goes for the miners who had a tough week against the jets. Luckily, it looks like Stephon Gilmore is back, who should put a bullet in his arm.

In defense, the attack of the Patriots has improved in each of the last two weeks. But they can do even better when the Ravens arrive in town with Calais Campbell, Patrick Queen and Cornerman Marlon Humphrey, who was activated from the COWID 19 reserve list on Wednesday.

It should be an entertaining fight.

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