Gate exam has been conducted by CBSE/State Boards/UT boards every year to qualify students for admission in higher classes and college. To appear in the entrance exam, students have to pass the Secondary School Certificate (SSC), State Boards and the University and College of Engineering (UCE) Entrance Test (UET). The SSC is an examination conducted by the government of India at the end of the 9th standard (classes 10 and 11), conducted in March to determine the eligibility of students for the next year’s class 10th. SSC is the basis for attaining the eligibility to appear for other competitive exams like JEE.

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) is a premier academic institute in the field of engineering education. To get admission into IIT, you must have scored an impressive performance in the entrance examination, or gate exam. The exam is organized every year in the month of March, usually in multiple centers across the country.

If you are the eligible candidate and want to know the eligibility criteria, syllabus, fees, age limit, registration procedure for the upcoming Indian Civil Services (IAS) Examination, then you have reached the right place.

In India, there are different tests and entrance exams in different fields. If you are one of those who want to go to a technical college, you have probably heard of the GATE exam. The GATE exam is one of the entrance exams for postgraduate engineering courses held in India. It is known as the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering, or GATE for short. Detailed information about the course can be found below:

What is the GATE exam?

The GATE exam, as mentioned, stands for Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering. This is an entrance test for admission to postgraduate courses in India. In general, the entrance exam is known as the JEE, which grants admission to an undergraduate program. This GATE exam gives you access to a Master of Engineering program. The course has been developed under the guidance of the Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministry of Education and has been endorsed and approved by the Government of India. GATE exams are an indicator of student understanding and success. The marks obtained in GATE examinations are used for admission to programmes such as Master of Engineering, Master of Agriculture, Master of Technology, Doctor of Philosophy and others. The exam is also administered as a grade for financial aid for admission to graduate school. word-image-5827 The exam is also considered by several government companies for recruitment in India. This exam itself is one of the most demanding entrance exams in India and is recognized worldwide. Exams are held once a year and last 3 hours.

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The GATE exam has certain requirements and criteria that students who wish to take the exam must meet. The eligibility criteria are determined by various indicators and conditions, which are discussed below:

  1. Students wishing to sit for the GATE exams must have a bachelor’s degree in engineering, technology or agriculture. Students must complete an undergraduate program at least 3 years after graduation +2 or 4 years if desired. Higher education graduates may also apply, provided they have completed four years of study. This course is also open to students in their final year of study.
  2. Students with a master’s degree in one of the following disciplines: science/math/computing/statistics and other similar disciplines may also enroll in the course, provided they are in their final year of study.
  3. Students in the second or final year of a four-year master’s program may also apply to take the course.
  4. Students with a professional certificate may also enroll in this course.

In addition to the above criteria, the GATE examinations are open to nationals of different countries and to Indian citizens. Here is the list of countries that are eligible to participate in the GATE exams:

  • Indian national (including PIO/NRI/OCS)
  • A Nepalese national
  • National of Bangladesh
  • Sri Lankan national
  • Ethiopian national
  • National of the United Arab Emirates

GATEResearch plan

GATE exams are administered in 27 different disciplines, from which students can choose the type of discipline or stream they want. The course is quite comprehensive in terms of curriculum and covers various aspects. The syllabus usually includes more than 10-14 technical subjects as it is an engineering exam. Here is an overview of the GATE exam syllabus:

  • Verbal Skills: This section includes questions on English grammar, sentence structure and completion, word groups, verbal analogies, verbal deduction, critical thinking, etc.
  • Digital skills: In this section, the numerical calculations and aspects of the numerical system are discussed. It also covers numerical estimation, reasoning, and other topics such as data interpretation.
  • Technical Skills: This section contains technical background questions to the documents selected by the students.
  • Engineering Mathematics : This section is for documents that contain a section on mathematics.

The exam itself takes 3 hours and is worth 100 points. The list contains a total of 65 questions, and the exam is administered exclusively online, through a computerized test. The exam consists of multiple choice and multiple answer questions. The exam also contains some questions with numerical answers. The participant must give the correct answer to the question that appears on the screen. The sample exam consists of 65 questions and includes both single and double-corrected questions. Here’s the test schedule:

  • Soft skills: It consists of verbal and numerical questions and includes 10 questions. Here’s the question mark:
    1. 5 questions for 1 point
    2. 5 questions for 2 points
  • Technical Skills: Consists of technical questions on the student’s chosen topic. It consists of a total of 55 questions. Here’s the question mark:
    1. 25 questions for 1 point
    2. 30 questions for 2 points

There are also negative scores on the exam. A negative score of 0.33 for a one-point wrong answer and a negative score of 0.66 for a two-point wrong answer.

Age limits for GATEexaminations

There is no age limit for the GATE exams and students from any group can participate in the exams as long as they meet the eligibility criteria. Students must only meet the requirements set out in the qualifying conditions, such as. B. a diploma in the desired technical or engineering discipline. In addition, we also know that GATE exams are open to students of all ages from India and some other countries.

GATE exam fee

For GATE exams, there are certain fixed fees that students must pay in order to be admitted to the exam. The rate is adjusted according to the category of the person. There is also a penalty for late submission of the form after the specified date. The following fees apply to the GATE exams:

  • Female candidates : 750 INDIAN RUBLES
  • All other candidates: 1500 INDIAN RUBLES
  • International Centers : USD 75 and USD 100 (depending on location)

A penalty of INR 500 for all applicants in India and USD 20 for international students in international centres will be levied in case of submission of application form in the late window. To be admitted to the examination, the registration fee must be paid at the time of registration. This can happen with any online tool and payment method.

Registration process for theGATEExam

Students who wish to begin their careers with a master’s degree in engineering or another field must complete the registration process to sit for the exams. Here’s the sign-up sheet:

  • Step one: The candidate must access the GATE website and complete the online application. To do so, they must go to the website and fill out an application form in the GATE online application processing system (GOAPS).
  • Step two: When the GOAPS window opens, click on Register as a new user and enter your login details: E-mail address, telephone number, name, date of birth. The number will ask you to enter the WBS for you. This will confirm your login details.
  • Step three: Then log in to GOAPS with your user ID and password and start filling out the form.
  • Step four: Then fill out the form, providing your academic and personal information and attaching additional documents such as a scanned copy of your signature and a passport photo.
  • Step 5: Then proceed to the selection of a test center. The required fee is determined by the testing center.
  • Step six: Pay the required fees now through the online payment method. Your application will then be registered and you will receive an application number. The registration number is useful to download your registration card later.

The nation’s largest entrance exam for engineering and medical courses, the JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) or the Joint Entrance Examination, is an annual examination that is conducted by the Indian Institutes of Technology. The JEE has been conducted since the year of 1984, for candidates who wish to pursue undergraduate engineering or medical courses at the engineering and medical Institutes in India.. Read more about gate exam eligibility percentage and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum age limit for GATE exam?

The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering and Technology (GATE) is the common entrance test for admission into M.Tech. engineering programs and the postgraduate diploma in technology (PGDTM) courses offered by the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) of India. The test is conducted almost every year in India by the AICTE. The strict cut-off marks for different programs may vary. IITs generally accept the test results of the previous year. The General Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is an important qualifying exam for students aspiring to work in the highly competitive and competitive field of engineering. The exam was introduced by the Indian Government in 1985 to streamline the selection procedure for engineering undergraduate courses in India. It has been developed and revised over the years and is recognized as one of the most important exams for all engineering aspirants. GATE exam is an entrance exam for engineering and it is conducted at the state level. Almost all the colleges and universities in the country conduct GATE exam. There are many institutes in India that conduct GATE exam.

Who is eligible for GATE exam?

India is among the most successful countries in the world when it comes to producing students who are able to get higher education and also are capable of gaining good jobs. It is a blessing for the students in India as they will be able to get good jobs after they complete their education. Many people are also interested in pursuing higher education in India as it is a free country. The government of India also provides scholarships which they can avail from. The entrance exam for the students who are looking to pursue higher education in India is the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) exam. The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) is considered as one of the elitist and prestigious institutes of the country. However, it requires a tough and rigorous entrance exam called the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) for every student who wants to apply for its undergraduate program. GATE is a computer-based test based on an aptitude test that evaluates the prospective graduate’s basic aptitude in a series of basic engineering fields like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and some others.

Who can apply for GATE 2021?

GATE stands for Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering. It is the exam that is conducted by the Union Ministry of Human Resource Development to select citizens from all over the country to take their engineering studies further at a university. The exam is conducted at various centers across the country. The objective of this blog is to provide information regarding GATE Exam and applications open for it and requirements for the same. This year, there will be many candidates attempting for the prestigious Indian Graduate Aptitude Test or GATE 2021 exam. Qualified candidates who will qualify in the exam can apply for the next admission cycle of the university. Any aspiring applicant will have to take the GATE exam for their undergraduate or post-graduate degree.

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