Kevin Feige Recalls Meeting the Marvel Movie Star Who Left Him “Nearly Speechless”

Back in 2014, Kevin Feige called out an infamous fan on Twitter, who claimed to be the actress who had the role in “Iron Man 3”. The fan claimed to be Hailee Steinfeld, and in response, Feige asked her to send proof. A few weeks passed, and Steinfeld never responded. Fearing that she had made up the whole thing, Feige didn’t bother with proof, but was delighted when she eventually sent proof.

When Marvel’s president Kevin Feige first met the biggest star in the Marvel universe, he thought he was going to have a completely unremarkable meeting. Sure, huge stars have met him before, but so have the likes of George Clooney. What Feige failed to appreciate at the time was that he was about to meet an actor who will go down as one of the most legendary ever.

A few years ago, Kevin Feige trekked all the way to China to meet the Chinese superhero movie star he had met on Twitter, Ming Na. The meeting was reportedly friendly, though it had some awkward moments, as Kevin recalled for the Wall Street Journal. “He had some suggestions for me,” Kevin recalls.. Read more about tony leung and let us know what you think.


Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is finally here, and it boasts a diverse cast of newbies and established talents. Tony Leung, one of the most well-known actors in the world, has been working in the industry since the 1980s. In the upcoming Marvel picture, Leung portrays the villain and Shang-father, Chi’s and it’s obvious that everyone connected with the project was thrilled to work with him. When Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige met the actor, he was “almost dumbfounded.”

“Tony Leung does feel like a whole other stratum of movie celebrity,” Feige said in an interview with Film Companion. “He is a very gifted individual. I don’t think it was a masterstroke for us; I think we were fortunate that he picked us to make his first Hollywood film appearance in [Shang-Chi] and devote all of his energy and skill to developing Wenwu. I’ve met a lot of movie stars and living legends, but when I met him on set for the first time, I was almost dumbfounded. Because he seems to be an extraterrestrial star plucked from the sky, “he said, laughing.

Simu Liu, who portrays Shang-titular Chi’s character, was participating in a r/MarvelStudios “Ask Me Anything” session when a fan questioned him about working with Leung.

“Every day is like a master class in acting,” Liu said. “He is as renowned as the tales claim he is. Tony’s stillness, his ability to communicate such emotional color with a single look, is what makes him so captivating to watch. He really grounded me and pushed me to be still and present, which was great for an anxious beginner like me.” The actor then cracked a joke, saying, “I also enjoy that my work required me to look Tony in the eyes for hours at a time.”

Fala Chen, who portrays Shang-mother, Chi’s recently talked with us and complimented Leung.

“It’s extremely different onscreen and offscreen because Tony is such a nice, peaceful, almost timid guy in real life,” Chen said. “If you put him in the room, he’ll be the last person you look at because he conceals his own energy.” “In many respects, he’s just unnoticeable. He’s very bashful. And every time you speak to him, he just talks about the movie, the screenplay, since we were hanging out and having dinner together. He says things like, “Oh, yes, I’m still pondering. I’m not certain.” And he has such a modest demeanor. He’ll say things like, “I’m not sure if I can do that,” or “Why did I… why did your character say that line?” as if he doesn’t get it, or “Oh, I need to go home and practice my lines,” as if he doesn’t. Then, once he’s on set, he’s the most magnificent, captivating, strong, and powerful character in the whole movie. And you’re like, “What the hell happened?” Because I believe he has given his character a lot of consideration. He spends all of his time outside of work thinking about… working on his character, so once he’s on set, all of his preparation and effort, as well as his expertise, decades of experience, simply comes out, and without being overbearing. In the movie, it’s exactly right.”

In cinemas today comes Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

There once was a time when the business of making movies was much less glamorous, much more work-like. It took much more skill, much more brains, much more sweat. But it was also much more fun. And very few people had the opportunity to make the films they wanted to make, the way they wanted to make them, the way they left their mark on the world.. Read more about marvel movie release schedule and let us know what you think.

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