Lily James has broken her silence on the Dominic West scandal that has plagued her since last summer. After seven months of keeping quiet, the British actress has finally spoken about the relationship with her former One Direction star boyfriend.

The 22-year-old actress has long been rumored to be dating her One Direction ex-boyfriend, but her response to the scandal has been more amicable. “I don’t think I’m ever going to be close with him again,” the actress told the Daily Mail in a recent interview. “There is a lot to say, but I want to be respectful about it and not make a big fuss about it.”

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Finally, we get Lily James’ reaction to the outrage over Dominic West’s antics. In an interview with the Guardian on Sunday 2. In May, the pop singer opened up about her alleged relationship with her husband and admitted that she still has a lot to say about the legal battle – but for now, she seems to be sparing us the niceties.

Ah, I can’t talk about it, said the 32-year-old Rebecca star, referring to the media storm that followed her alleged affair with West, 51. There’s a lot to say, but not now, even though it pains me to say it.

Rumours of James and The Affair alum’s feelings first surfaced in October 2020, when the pair were filmed kissing in Italy.

The couple were then spotted touring the ancient city of Rome, where they are reportedly planning to shoot their upcoming film In Pursuit of Love on a smaller scale. West and James even flew home together the day after their candid photos were released. Anyway, according to a source obtained by E! Humiliated after her trip to Rome, the Cinderella artist has finally discovered that West is not yet married to Katherine Fitzgerald, 49, her soulmate of 10 years.

Meanwhile, sources close to West’s half said she was crushed by the alleged plot. Catherine saw the photos and was devastated, a source told the Daily Mail. I started talking to her when I was thinking about her. Catherine tries to talk to Dominic, but he won’t answer the phone. She was totally baffled by the fact that she knew nothing. They’ve been together a lot, so this is totally unexpected.

Another source revealed to Us Weekly that West may have convinced him to have an open marriage. Dominic didn’t seem to try to hide his attraction to her, according to the insider. From the way Dominic continued to communicate with Lily, it can be inferred that he was allowed to walk away from her marriage.

Nevertheless, the English artist and his partner reunited during his return visit to Britain. The couple, who have children Senan, Dora and Francis, posed for photos outside their home in the Cotswolds, England, after handing a note to reporters: Our marriage is strong and we are still together, the letter states.

Married actor Dominic West has been spotted in public in Rome with Lily James! Look at this.

The post Lily James remains silent on Dominic West scandal 7 months after photos in PDA ‘Got Something to Say’ appeared first on Morning Pier.The pair were also seen holding hands in a Beverly Hills restaurant, but it’s not the first time they’ve been caught on camera showing affection. In May, the Harry Potter actress posted a video of the pair getting close in a car and followed it up with a series of intimate shots in a hotel room. “They’re obviously very comfortable together,” a source told the Daily Mail at the time. “They’re obviously very comfortable together. It’s a very tight group of friends and they all get on very well.”. Read more about catherine fitzgerald and let us know what you think.

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