Amer Wonder Al-Barqawi – that’s all his name says – an absolute miracle in his ability to play the way he does.

By being the first to achieve a prestigious goal, you can easily become one of the best in the game. For the miracle, his claim to fame is the first player to reach the 9000 matchmaking rating (MMR) in Dota 2. In those days it was harder to collect MREs than it is now.

But the MRI is just one piece of the puzzle. From pabstopping to competitive games, Miracle is considered one of the best. He is one of the Dota 2 world champions by winning the 2017 Team Liquid tournament at The International (TI).

So far Miracle is still playing at a high level. And at the age of 23, he took seventh place. Place among the professional export players. It’s about the wealth of the young child prodigy, but also about the potential profit he can make in his bright future.

Miracles – net value in 2020: $5 million

There was a time when Miracle – born on the 20th. June 1997 in Jordan and Poland – was the second oldest athlete in the world. Already in 2017 he reached the top of the export silver mountain, when his team won the TI7, the biggest tournament in terms of prizes at that time. His team won almost $11 million, and Miracle brought in just over $2 million.

Before winning the TI7, Miracle also won several major championships with his former OG team. This miracle is next to the second place of TI9 in 2019, at about $5 million.

from Pubstar to Superstar

Before entering the professional world of Dota 2, Miracle was a puzzle player, a talented player who played well in casual and non-professional games. During public games he was tracked down by the bears of the Balkans, which he joined in 2015. But he didn’t last that long. Later he left the Balkans to join OG (then called Monkey Business) with the big manufacturer Johan N0tail Sundstein.

As Pub Star, Miracle was known as one of the few players who, without any professional experience, has become one of the top European leaders. Even when he entered the competition, he continued to play public games and won countless victories in his name. Later, he was the first player to reach 9000 MMR, the value of the game. Last June, the miracle reached 10,000 MMR, making him one of only two dozen players who had earned that many rating points.

Well decorated multifunctional arena


In the arena, Miracle is considered one of the most talented players in the world. Leaving the professional circuit, Miracle won the eSports Rookie of the Year award at the 2016 eSports Industry Awards. His work with OG made the team afraid of a five-man Dota 2 team, as they won one big tournament after another. But when the team lost at the beginning of TI6 to a loser from the Philippines, OG was disbanded.

This might be the best solution for him, because he would win the TI7 with his new team, Team Liquid. But in the long run, the OG will do more. OG would have won the TI8, and Miracle would have had the chance to meet his former team in the TI9 Grand Final, where he lost to them. However, the second place in TI9 is almost $4.5 million.

Miracle – also won the PC Player of the Year award at the 2017 Esports Industry Awards, shortly after his team won the TI Champion. He is known for his explosive game and his ability to take out teams in difficult situations. On average he killed the most in the TI6 and TI8 (it’s interesting to see that he didn’t perform so well when his team won the TI7.

The future of the miracle –

After TI9, Team Liquid left the airport organisation to form its own team – Team Nigma. Founded by the players and owned by Miracle, the company shares the team and organization with teammates Kuro Salehi KuroKi Tahasomi, Maroon GH Merhei, Ivan MinD_ContRoL Ivanov and Alivi w33 Omar.

Lately Team Nigma is still a great team, but several factors have prevented them from reaching the top position in the European region. First of all, Team Secret has become so dominant that it no longer allows other teams in Europe to win tournaments with it.

However, the Nigma team remains the mainstay of the major tournaments in the region. You can always be afraid of them. But if Team Nigma can regain its former glory and win another TI, the team still has to prove it.

As the captain of Team Kuroki said in his blog after winning the TI7…

The next few days I sat at home and tried to figure out how it would go. In the end, I focused my obsession on another goal: Win the next international competition.

When they failed to win the TI8, the team persisted with the intention of becoming the second TI double champion. As long as Team Nigma stays together, she can realize this lifelong dream. But as for the miracle… it can only be a matter of time.

The best of Carmelo Anthony, Carmelo Anthony, Carmelo Anthony.

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