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The Philadelphia Union could raise its support shield on Sunday. They had to beat Columbus, or at least get a tie, and get help from Inter Miami – and elsewhere. Unfortunately, the team suffered a defeat of 84 minutes and, worse, Miami, who lost to Toronto FC, could not help them. And now, as the league announced last week that foreclosure and play-off spots will be determined by match points, with positive COVID 19 tests resulting in the cancellation and postponement of matches across the board, the Allies and the Reds are at the top of the scale: 22 matches played and 2.00 points per match. Only the difference in goals separates the two teams, allowing Philadelphia to play matches or get a better result in Toronto, while still being crowned regular season champions.

With a small number of matches in the middle of the week and the decision day on Sunday, the rest of the league will go into the final classification of the MLS Power for the 2020 season.

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Next MLS game: Sunday by New England, 3:30. ET

Sunday’s defeat for Columbus was only the second in eight games in Philadelphia, but it cost the club a lot of money. The Union will now have to improve the performance of Toronto, which will house New England Sunday, if it wants to lift the shield on which its name was written last month. Oh, and that’s without stronger Andre Blake, who broke his arm in the win at Chicago Wednesday.

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Next MLS game: Sunday at the Red Bull, 3:30. ET, ESPN+

The second cheerleader shield in four seasons could be the Toronto Shield with a victory in the Red Bull Arena and an assist from New England. Few people could have predicted this a week ago when the Reds defeated the leaders of the Philadelphia League 5-0.

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Next MLS game: Sunday in Salt Lake City, 6:30. ET, ESPN+

While the SCC-Minnesota game was abandoned after two members of Lunsa’s first team tested positive on KOVID-19, a post-season game against hero Roger Espinosa in the middle of the week saw the team win against Cincinnati. Alan Pulido also showed his skills as a player.

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Next MLS game: Wednesday at the Colorado, 10:00 in the morning. ET, ESPN+

On their way to 2020, the Timbers needed a better winger than Sebastian Blanco, which they got from Yimmy Char, who scored four goals and has made seven assists since mid-September. A few victories have put Portland at the head of the West.

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Next MLS game: Wednesday against Christopher Columbus, 7:30. ET, ESPN+

This season Orlando made his first appearance in the MLS Cup qualifiers. This season also marked Orlando’s first victory over Atlanta United after three years (nine games) without a win. Only two months later, the lions had a second with the demolition of Five Stripes on Wednesday. Oscar Paray has instilled a sense of cruelty and pride in central Florida that has not been present at MLS in the last five years.

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After being lucky enough to win first place in the West on Sunday, Seattle did badly against Colorado on Sunday with an almost complete first choice. There is still time to save the situation, but the sound engineers will need help.

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Next MLS game: Sunday in Chicago, 3:30. ET, ESPN+

A few wins over Toronto Shield Chaser and Red Bull’s play-off opponents gave the NYCFC some breathing room and secured a play-off spot in the Eastern Conference round with a 7-10 win over the others.

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Next MLS game: Sunday by Portland, 6:30. ET, ESPN+

The momentum created by the victory over Houston was delayed when the game against San Jose – at the time – was postponed due to the positive results of the COVID 19 tests. Bob Bradley hopes that Carlos Vela can continue his return to form in the last week of the regular season.

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Next MLS game: Wednesday in Orlando, 7:30. ET, ESPN+

Sunday’s victory in the Philadelphia Premier League is only Columbus’ second place in the last eight games. These three points will allow the team to stay in Columbus from the start of the off-season – at least in the first round.

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Next MLS game: Sunday in Philadelphia, 3:30. ET

After a midweek loss to Red Bull on Sunday, the Reverend’s Washington United beat 4-3, a club with a better points record in that game than Cincinnati alone. It’s probably the middle of the table, in 12th place in the 26 pair table.

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Teal Banbury scored two goals in the second period and gave New England the victory 4-3. Search for MLS on ESPN+.

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Next MLS game: Wednesday versus Chicago, 8:00 a.m. ET, ESPN+

Laws had a bit of luck against Colorado with his own goal, which turned into a late victory, but another fight with COVID-19 was marked by the cancellation of the Minnesota game against Kansas City. Osvaldo Alonso’s last injury is another serious problem for the low season.

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Next MLS game: Wednesday by Dallas, 8:30. ET, ESPN+

Nashville was the fourth team in expansion time to reach the MLS Cup playoffs in its first season, beating Montreal on Tuesday. With a little help from the top leagues of Philadelphia they managed to avoid New England and the East with a positive result against Dallas and Orlando.

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Next MLS game: Wednesday, Nashville, 8:30. ET, ESPN+

A few victories over Miami and Houston were enough to put the FCD on its way to the post-season. Ryan Hollingshead had a solid season on the left flank and won last Wednesday’s game against Miami.

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Next MLS game: Sunday in Seattle at 6:30. ET, ESPN+

Sunday’s game against LAFK was postponed, but by the middle of the week, the Quakes had done a crucial job, beating Real 2-0 in Salt Lake City to put the team in a good position for the playoffs. Chris Wondowski remains a miracle after scoring his fifth and sixth goals this season.

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San Jose approaches the playoffs and keeps Real Salt Lake under the line with a score of 2-0. Search for MLS on ESPN+.

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On Wednesday, Red Bull won 1-0 against New England for the 11th time in the offseason. Several times in a row. They were followed by NYCFC opponents 5-2, and with two quarterfinals wins, it’s hard to imagine the New Jersey outfit making a lot of noise in the playoffs.

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Next MLS game: Wednesday, Portland, 10:00 p.m. ET, ESPN+.

After a COVID-induced break, the Rapids were struggling, but the 3-1 victory over Seattle put Colorado back on the scoreboard and the team’s courage on the set came back at an ideal moment.

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Next MLS game: Wednesday in Minnesota, 8:00 p.m. ET, ESPN+.

With one point in a week playing against Philadelphia and Nashville, Chicago is in last place in the east. A lot can change on the day of the decision, when five clubs compete for ninth and tenth place in congress, divided by only 0.10 points per game. A trip to Minnesota and NYCFC on Sunday afternoon night will be very exciting for Fire, but only if you stick to the location of the season.

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Next MLS game: Sunday against the Milky Way of Los Angeles, 6:30. ET, ESPN+

Covers are a credible attempt, but wood is just better in important parts of the field. The Playoff hope is still alive, but only if San Jose strengthens their game against LAFK.

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Next MLS game: Sunday, Washington United, 3:30 p.m. ET, ESPN+

Montreal is in the same position as Chicago: in the playoffs, but with four other teams claiming it. But because we lost nine out of twelve games and since the ninth game we have to play a lot of games. Since the club will no longer play in the Saputo Stadium in September, it is not difficult to imagine that Shock Wave will not be able to compete with Thierry Henry, who ran the club for the first time.

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Next MLS game: Sunday to Montreal, 3:30 p.m. ET, ESPN+

D.S. got their promotion after a narrow victory over Columbus and a heartbreaking late loss to New England, but the club still ranks second in the league in terms of points per game, although they left the club after Ben Olsen resigned as manager with a 3-1-2 scoreline, a clear indication of the gap the club has dug this year.

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Next MLS game: Sunday at Columbus, 3:30. ET, ESPN+

On Wednesday, Atlanta was humiliated by archrival Orlando, but defeated Cincinnati 2-0. The victory over the worst team in the league is only the second in the last nine games and with United not having won, only three points remain.

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Next MLS game: Wednesday to Seattle, 11:00. ET, ESPN+

The era of Guillermo Barros Shelotto ended in boredom, while the (last) era of Dominic Kinnear ended in victory and… Surprise! Surprise! — …is a much more defensive organization. The miserable hope of the qualifiers is still alive, but unfortunately Jonathan Santo’s soul has been traumatized again.

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The goal of Christian Pavons is a possible winner as the Galaxy Down RSL 2-1. Search for MLS on ESPN+.

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Next MLS game: Sunday by Cincinnati, 3:30. ET, ESPN+

The goals of designated players Rodolfo Pizarro and Blaise Matuidi helped Miami recoup its significant investment last week, but both goals resulted in losses for Dallas and Toronto. The third of the most expensive Inter Gonzalo Higuain DS’s has been on the road since the 7th. October scored no goal, while fellow expansionist Nashville quietly qualified for the play-offs without the glitz, glamour and expectation that weakened Miami.

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Next MLS game: Sunday by Kansas City, 6:30. ET, ESPN+

RSL was in decline during the month, and on Sunday their slim hopes of a place in the playoffs were finally ruined by a 2-1 loss to Galaxy. And with the separation of Sam Johnson and the club, at least now the search for a new striker can officially begin.

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Next MLS game: Sunday by Colorado, 6:30. ET, ESPN+

Dinamo’s hopes for the play-offs were officially justified after the defeat of Dallas – a game in which Houston lost too many individual boxing matches. Dynamo’s front office has a lot of work to do in the off-season to rebuild the defense of the team.

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Next MLS game: Sunday in Miami at 3:30. ET, ESPN+

Two games, two losses in Cincinnati. The FCC will have to score four times in Miami to avoid the embarrassing title of the team with the lowest points in MLS history (which will be played in Washington DC until 2013 at 0.65 goals per game), with the average goals per game falling to just 0.50 after the last loss.

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