The crime data below is provided for informational purposes only and is subject to change as new information is received. All defendants are innocent until proven guilty by a court of law. The data listed below is subject to change on a weekly basis.

Atascadero Police Station

February 02, 2021

00:01 – Alexander Joji Burch, 35, of Atascadero, arrested in the 6700 block of El Camino Real and cited for parafurnalism [11364(A)] and violation of freedom of speech [11377(A)]; file number 210255.

8:29 AM – Toby Michael Lowen, 32, of Atascadero, was arrested at the corner of Avenida Montecito and Camino Real and detained for FRAUD/FELONY [1203.2(A)], DONATION OF DECLARATION/MISDEMNORITY AND INFORMATION [1427], CONFIDENTIALITY AND NON-PERSONALITY [853.8]; Case No. 210256.

6:02 PM – Police analyze activities undertaken in 2009 to combat crimes against children under the age of 18 190633

10:30 a.m.: Travis Ray Dawson, 27, of Paso Robles, charged with OBSTRUCTOR/RESISTANT/PUBLIC ETC/MERGENT MED TECH [148(A)(1)], PELONY GUARANTEE/MODERITY [978.5]; Case No. 210257.

10:30 p.m.: Travis Ray Dawson, 27, of Paso Robles, is enrolled in the BENCH guarantee and volunteer program [978.5]; Case No. 201198.

5:07 p.m. – Justin Thomas Moore, 39, of Paso Robles, was arrested in the 1200 block of S.-San Miguel and registered for CRIME/CONVICTION [10851(A)], CRIME: CRIME [182(A)(1)], CRIME [215(A)]; case number 210260.

17:07 – Eugene Thomas Moore, 64, in transition, was arrested in S.-S. Block 1200, San Miguel, and was registered in CON [10851(A)], CON: CON [182(A)(1)], CON [215(A)], Case No. 210260.

6:08 PM – Nicole Marie Diaz, 35, of Morro Bay, was arrested for OBSTRUCTOR/RESISTENT/PUBLIC TCE/FUNDAMENTAL DOCTOR [148(A)(1)], IDENTIFIED POSITION OF THE SPECIFIC AREA [148.9(A)], BEHAVIOURAL DISORDER: ALCOHOL [647(F)]; Case No. 210250.

22:20- Maria Elena Galanos, 28, in transition, apprehended in the 9800 block of El Camino Real and arrested for “NOT DEATH OR DEATH ON PRI.” [5-15.103(D)]; Case No. 210266.

6:02 PM – Police analyze activities in 2009, according to Department of Public Safety

22:20- Jeremiah James Aguilarlocaton, 26, of San Luis Obispo, arrested in the 9800 block of El Camino Real and charged with “NO REASON FOR OR WITHOUT REASON FOR BEING DONE.” [5-15.103(D)]; Case No. 210266.

February 03, 2021

2:59 PM – Mason Tyler Eddy, age 35, of Paso Robles, arrested at 101 NB and San Anselmo and detained for “Control of Narcotics” [11350(A)], MEDICAL SUPPORT DETAILED BY CONTINUED ACTION [11370.1(A)], PROBATIONAL FLIGHT/MISDEMANAR [1203.2(A)], COMBINED ALCOHOL AND DRUGS [23152(G)], FELON/ADDICT/POSS/ETA [29800(A)(1)]; Case No. 210268.

04:00 – Vanessa Ruth Warner, 28, of Atascadero, arrested at 7100 Sombrilla Avenue and entered in the Dizorderly Condensation Register: Alcohall [647(F)]; file number 210269.

12:49 PM – Vicki Lynn Valdivia, 64, of Atascadero, was arrested for GARANTIE D’ARRETTE / FELONY [813]; Case No. 201372.

12:49 p.m. – Vicki Lynn Valdivia, 64, of Atascadero, has been placed on the list of persons subject to a BANK GUARANTEE/MODERNITY FOR SICKness [978.5]; Case No. 201223.

12:49 PM – Vicki Lynn Valdivia, 64, of Atascadero, was arrested for ATA [11377(E)], USE/PUBLICATION OF INFORMATION [11550(E)]; case number 210273.

11:48 AM – Vickie Lynn Valdivia, 64, of Atascadero, has been reserved for the JUST GUARANTOR/FELONY [813]; Case No. 201375.

8:30 p.m.: Marvin Adams, 34, of Atascadero, arrested at 4800 Miramon Avenue and charged with CONFIDENTIALITY: PROTECTION OFFICE/ETC [166(C)(1)]; case number 210277.

February 04, 2021

00:00. Cody Michael Sabelgavit, 31, of Paso Robles, was booked for “NO VEHICLE”. [10851(A)]; Case No. 210272.

06:00 – Jacob Joseph Duty, 35, of Atascadero was arrested in the 4600 block of Miramon Avenue and cited for driving under the influence [23152(F)]; file number 210279.

February 05, 2021

10:22 AM – Julia Lydia Savage, 30, of Atascadero, cited in File No. 210292, “GORANTA/PROPOSAL FOR MISDEMINORIAL APPLICATION.” [978.5].

February 06, 2021

4:00 PM – Emilio Ray Pacheco, 37, of Paso Robles, was arrested in the 3600 block of El Camino Real and cited for GUARANTEE/BANKRENT FOR FELONY [979]; case number 210296.


February 07, 2021

01:30 29 Raul Guevarararujas de Atascadero was arrested in block 7300 of El Camino Real and registered for DUI ALCOHOL [23152(A)], DUI ALCOHOL/0.08 PERCENTAGE [23152(B)]; file number 210299.

14:00 – National Police Advisory Board analyzes the activities of correctional and social services in the context of criminal justice reform

9:03 PM – Lawrence Neal Williams, age 65, temporarily detained in the 8900 block of La Ligna Avenue and registered with the Navy [11364(A)]; Case No. 210306.

Paso Robles Police Department

February 02, 2021

6:02 PM – Police analyze activities undertaken in 2009 to prevent illegal border crossing with Namibia [11:02 PM] – Police analyze activities undertaken in 2009 to prevent illegal border crossing with Namibia [11:02 PM] – Police analyze activities undertaken in 2009 to prevent illegal border crossing with Namibia [11:02 PM] – Police analyze activities undertaken in 2009 to prevent illegal border crossing with Namibia [11:02 PM

February 04, 2021

14:00 – Jazz Daniel Mackey, 35, of Paso Robles, was arrested and released on SUBSTITUTION INFLUENCE [11550(A)H&S], EXECUTION OF PARAPHAL CRIMES [11364(A)H&S]; Case No. 210294.

2:49 p.m. – Wyatt John Magee, 34, of Morro Bay, was arrested at the corner of 12th Street and the railroad tracks, arrested and released for unlawful possession [11550(A)H&S]; case number 210295.

February 05, 2021

11:48 AM – Martin Ruben Gonzalez, 53, of Yucaipa, was arrested at the corner of Rolling Hills and Creston and released by a peace officer on suspicion of murder in Alcohall [23152(A)VC] and DUI ALCOHOHOL/0.08 PERCENTAGE [23152(B)VC]; case # 210298.

12:05 p.m. – Christopher Lawrence Thatcher, 31, of Paso Robles was arrested in Block 100 Niblick Rd. for dishonest collection [314.1PC], willful resistance, delay, obstructi…..(1)PC]; case # 210303.

February 06, 2021

07:500- Charles Courtemanche, 40, of Paso Robles, was transferred to another agency for assault with a weapon or instrument [245(A)(1)PC], threatening to commit a felony with intent to terrorize [422PC], forcibly transferring a victim to another location [207(A)PC], assaulting elderly :APPLYING PAINKILLERS – FELNY [368(B)(1)(PC)], REMOVING/DAMAGING/INSTRUCTING WIRE STRIPPER [591.[5PC]; Case No. 210307.

February 07, 2021

01:20- Tereso Espanamorales, 52, of Templeton was arrested and released in connection with ALCOHOL INFORMATION [23152(A)VC], DUY ALCOHOL/0.08 PERCENT [23152(B)VC]; case number 210315.

3:00 PM – Salvador Astorga, 35, of Paso Robles, was arrested at the Hampton Inn and turned over to another agency for being under the influence of narcotics [11550(A)H&SS], INVESTMENT OF CONTROLLING SUBSTANCES [11350(A)H&S], POSSIBILITY OF NON-PARADE EVIDENCE [11364(A)H&S]; Case number: H&SS. No. No.] 21-0317

2:00 PM – The Brazilian government today announced the appointment of Mr. Carlos Villán Durán as the new President of the FIFA Executive Board. and River Bank, arrested and released on charges of CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOL [23152(A)VC], DUI ALCOHOL/0.08 PERCENTAGE [23152(B)VC], FALSE IDENTIFICATION AGAINST A PEACE AGENT [148.9(A)PC]; file number 210320.

6:07 p.m. – Mario Garcia, 55, of Fresno, was arrested at Block 100 Niblick Rd. and was detained and released for visa ban/refusal of service [1203.2PC], violation of high security obligation [O/W-M]; case number 21-0321.

6:41 p.m. – Mauricio Enatali Gomezhuarez, 28, of Paso Robles, arrested in the 2400 block of Branch Creek Cir. and transferred to another agency on charges of bodily injury by a sports player or host [273.5(A)PC], transferring victim to another location [207(A)PC]; Case No. 21-0322.

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Eudie Simelane’s parents sit on the bridge, their image etched in her memory.

Note: This article contains references to sexual assault and violent crime.

Eudi Simelan, international footballer, coach and aspiring referee, has dedicated his life to the sport.

She was one of the first openly gay women in her neighborhood of Kwa Tema in South Africa and was a well-known LGBT+ activist.

But because of her sexuality, Simelan was brutally raped and murdered in 2008, when she was only 31 years old.

This is the story of his life and how the legacy of his death continues to affect South African society.

“She was a diamond.
Simelan was born on March 11, 1977, in Kwa-Tema, a town in Gauteng province, southeast of Johannesburg.

Her interest in soccer began when she was only four years old and she demanded that her brother Bafana always take her to practice, even though at the time it was not a sport usually played by women.

This passion soon became altruistic, as she perfected her skills daily.

“At 5 a.m. she had to be at the gym – soccer was her favorite activity and her priority,” her mother Mally recalled at a memorial conference in 2016.

Midfielder Simelan has joined her home team, the Kwa-Thema Ladies, now known as the Springs Home Sweepers, because she is left-handed.

Speaking during the 2018 World Service about Simelane’s popularity in the field, her father Hotso said, “Everyone came to the hall when she played, number 6.

Springs Home Sweepers has produced a number of stars, including Janine van Wyk, South Africa’s most played soccer player and captain of the national team, known as “Banyana Banyana”, meaning “girl”.external link

Simelan played several times for the national team, coached four local youth teams and wanted to become the first female referee in her country.

An activist for equality and social change, she was one of the first women in South Africa to declare that she was a lesbian.

According to her brother Bafana, during the Eddie Simelane 2020 Memorial Lecture, she was in touch with the outside world: “In sports, she was a diamond and scored wonderful goals. She was a great person, intelligent and all that. She was a package deal. Everything you could find in an Eudy. She was playful in her jokes and teased people. That’s what I missed about her.”

On April 27, 2008, Simelan’s body was found in a stream a few hundred meters from his home in Kwa-Tema.

She was reportedly approached after leaving a pub, raped and then stabbed multiple times.

Although her death shocked many, activists argued that many lesbians in South Africa have been targeted for “corrective rape,” a crime in which the perpetrator attempts to “cure” the victim of her sexuality by turning her into a heterosexual.

Tetho Mfuti, the external link, pleaded guilty to the rape and murder of Simelan in February 2009 and was sentenced to 32 years in prison. The following September, Themba Mvubu was also convicted of these crimes and sentenced to life in prison. Asked by journalists in the courtroom, he replied, “I have no regrets.

“It was an epiphany for many.
Eudy’s mother, Simelein Mally, fought until her death in 2019 to change the perception of LGBT+ people.

Simelan’s sexuality put her in a vulnerable position, which her mother acknowledged by saying that “all of South Africa knew that Eudie was gay.”

The sad reality is that Simelan’s story is not unique – she is one of many victims of similar heinous crimes in South Africa.

A year before their deaths, Sizakele Sigasae, an activist for women’s and gay rights, and her friend Salone Massua were huddled in front of a bar and called “tomboys.” The women were then raped, tortured and shot.

Just a few years after Simelan’s murder, Noxolo Nogwaza, a 24-year-old lesbian, was found beaten to death and stoned to death in the same township where Simelan lived.

As a country, however, South Africa has been at the forefront of the fight for gay rights and was the first African country to decriminalize same-sex relationships in 1998.

The country also legalized same-sex marriage in 2006, seven years before the law was passed in Britain and two years before Simelan’s tragic death.

Despite this, the country still has the highest incidence of rape from external causes. Domestically, it is mainly young black lesbians who are often victims of violent rape in South African cities.

According to 2017 data, 49% of black members of LGBT+ communities nationally are likely to know someone who has been killed for being LGBT+, compared to 26% of white community members.

In most cases, the perpetrators of these horrific attacks are not held accountable for their actions. external link

Human rights defenders and supporters of Eudi Simelan in August 2009 before the Delmas court in Mpumalanga, prior to the trial.

Simelan’s case was an exception. Her profile and story captivated the country and drew attention to the problem of “corrective rape.”

After Simelan’s death, her mother Mally campaigned to change her congregation’s views on homosexuality, using her Methodist faith as a platform. She worked with her local pastor, Smudz Macepe, to change attitudes towards LGBT+ people in the community. Mally was fully committed to fighting prejudice until her death in 2019.

“This has been an eye-opener for many and has prompted us to put LGBT+ issues under the microscope,” Maciepe said.

In Kwa-Tema, near the soccer field where Simelan’s body was found, a bridge was built over the stream. Her face was pressed onto the bridge and it was built “as a reminder of freedom, dignity and equality for all,” according to The Times’ Lesbian and Gay Equality Project.

Another initiative to change society’s attitudes was the Eddie Simelan Memorial Lecture. This annual conference, organized in collaboration with the University of KwaZulu-Natal’s Ujamaa Center for External Communication, the Other External Communication Foundation, the Pietermaritzburg Gay and Lesbian Network, the Christian Council of KwaZulu-Natal and the Simelane family, aims to change attitudes towards LGBT+ people, particularly in some religious communities.

These organizations recognized that religious communities must adopt a new view of same-sex relationships and marriage if meaningful social change is to occur, and that there should be no attempts to use religious grounds as justification for violence against LGBT+ individuals.

Professor Charlene van der Walt of the University of KwaZulu-Natal and Deputy Director of the Ujamaa Center said this year, “The Eudy story is an example of what happens to many families and religious communities, but the issue of LGBT+ believers is often dismissed or neglected.”

The conference is also an opportunity to start conversations in the LGBT+ communities.

Van der Walt added that it is particularly important to continue this conversation during the Covid 19 pandemic, in which LGBT+ people are “vulnerable” because they are often “in a family environment that does not accept their sexuality.”

“We took a big step in the right direction,” she said.

Speaking at the 2020 conference, Bafana, Simelan’s brother, said, “History repeats itself, so this conference opens the eyes of society and other families to the fact that they should not consider it a curse that someone is gay, lesbian or transgender.

Despite Simelan’s tragic death, he became an important message throughout South Africa and served as a catalyst for these projects and conversations.

If you experience problems discussed in this article, refer to the Action Line section for information and support.

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