It is undeniable that the influence of Tyler Ninja Blevin extends beyond every player’s dream. Just look at what happened in April 2018 when he defeated Cristiano Ronaldo, considered one of the most influential athletes of the 21st century. This is the case for social interaction in the 21st century.  He even let it be known that he was the first player to make the cover of ESPN magazine. The ninja is also one of the most valuable faces in contemporary games.

Even the creeks would be so influential that the famous rapper Drake would come and play with it on the Fortnite. It was even shown by Helen DeGeners in her exhibition.

His popularity is due to many factors, including his attorneys who support mental health issues, and numerous charitable activities.

But without his experience in the streaming industry, he would never have reached this stage. It does not matter that the decor of his modest basement is not as majestic as the green Hollywood-style effects of Dr. Disrespect, because his mechanical skills and his ability to integrate a nineties sitcom would have improved the quality of his nutrition.

With his experience come his wildest flowing moments, which are recorded below.


If you collect one of his killers like grains of sand in the first place, as if a ninja had many moments when your eyes fell out. That beautiful 1-v-1 duel in which he didn’t land well and left only a pint of HP, but killed himself when he had no advantage on his way to the Victorious Royal? Or the time he flew and landed on someone and fired a lightning bolt at close range? And what about the moment he jumped off the platform and took an air shot to the head when he landed and celebrated the event as if he had won a game show?

You never know what to expect from your waterways, and that’s the beauty of it.


The linchpin of his streaming career for every role he murdered would result in loud but hilarious dances that are worthwhile.

However, he didn’t limit himself to dancing these dances after every murder, because he even had moments when he was just talking. He was able to perform Fortnit’s iconic dance in the middle of the game, just to free himself from the debilitating demands of the Battle of Royal.

He even formulated the pontoon dance, his characteristic dance move. It may not be as difficult as the dance bands competing in America’s Got Talent, but the stupidity it offers is enough to pillory Simon Cowell.

That makes him a born artist.


If you’ve ever had that crippling fear of coming to Universal Studios after watching a movie about a disaster where a roller coaster ride would lead to some kind of tragedy, you can still feel the adrenaline rush that rushes to the amusement park in any two-week game. Look how the Ninja are doing in one of their streams. In a highly competitive environment where everyone’s life is at stake, Ninja manages to add a touch of fun by building her own roller coaster with a shopping trolley and a pile of wooden platforms. He then built a monument of great height that could rise as high as Everest. His teammates are stunned by his approach. When the ninja started descending the slopes, he insisted that his teammates accelerate the car, even though the slope wasn’t over yet.

Once you’ve finished the video, you’ll be amazed at the result.


A moment that really proved his skills, because Ninja has proven that he is without doubt the god of Fortnit. It can never be denied that he was the only one to carry the entire Fortnit banner, as he is often credited with the popularity of the game. He was simply impeccable in this game, alternating different weapons and blinded his opponents with his own construction company because his wooden walls and platforms confused his opponents. The last victim was that of his teammates, who horribly surrounded the only survivor with weapons for close combat and finally praised the monkey.

A word to describe this victory comes from a word associated with the developers of the game, epic.


All it takes is for a Serpentine to organize his own tournament in Las Vegas, named after him, and seal his legacy. Although Ninja likes to be in the spotlight, this moment showed her willingness to let others shine too. The ninja is indeed considered the best player of all time, but in this tournament he was defeated by a series of puzzles by Maurilio Blind Gramaggio, who eventually became a professional player for Fortnite.

With about 680,000 simultaneous spectators, it is also the highest number of spectators. She also revealed her charity side, because the ninja was willing to pay $2,500 for the one who kills him and for the one who earns money for Victory Royale. For each victory, the ninja makes a donation to the Alzheimer’s Association.

DAMWON Gaming, BeryL, Cho Geon-hee

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