The new WhoCpa affiliate program has already become a favorite among many affiliates targeting Asian traffic and Nutra offers. The work of this affiliate program is similar to many:

  • The affiliate generates a lead (Pours traffic to the offer)g;
  • The manager processes the application;
  • The affiliate (webmaster) receives his reward after lead confirmation

Due to the narrow specialization in the Asian market, the WhoCPA affiliate program has a lot of converting offers for tier-2, tier-3 regions

Nutra vertical for Asian traffic – what is included?

Nutra-offers are all kinds of products aimed at improving the mental and physical health of a person and his beauty.

  • Means for weight loss;
  • Cosmetics and face masks;
  • Enlargers and potency (male “adult” offers);
  • Means against smoking, alcoholism;
  • Tooth whitening Hair and nail care products;
  • Patches for sprains, inflammations;
  • Vitamins and dietary supplements;
  • Antiparasitic and antifungal drugs;
  • Herbal preparations for various diseases;
  • Drugs for diabetics, hypertensive patients;
  • Eye preparations;
  • Products to strengthen the immune system and more.

These products have a fairly large target audience, since many people want to quickly be beautiful and healthy.

Why choose CPA

In addition to the above advantages of, the affiliate can also boast the following:

  • Direct advertiser with a low percentage of commissions;
  • Unique offers;
  • Oriented only to Asian regions, which increases conversion by several times;
  • High rates;
  • Average approval 30%;

Easy withdrawal of money;

  • High-quality work of the call center;
  • Loyalty to novice webmasters.

How to start working with

To do this, you need to go through a quick registration of the webmaster. After that, you are given the opportunity for high-quality traffic flow in Indonesia – the most complete catalog of nutra-offers, a personal manager, technical support, and more. If you have any difficulties when working with an affiliate program or when choosing an offer, you can contact the manager for help. Communication with the Whocpa manager is carried out through a personal account, telegram or email.

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