The Baltimore Crows and Pittsburgh Steelworks have produced stark goals, dramatic finals and now a historic practice competition.

Mike Tomlin of the Steelers and John Harbau of the Ravens will be the first Super Bowl-era coaching couple to meet 25 times during the regular season, according to the Elias Sports Bureau.

Before the Ravens – Stillerov game, Tomlin recently spoke with Harbau about his place in the history of one of the toughest opponents of the NFL.

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We’ll be connected to it forever, Tomlin Harbau said.

Tomlin and Harbau interrupt a draw with two more long running training games: Tomlin-Marvin Lewis and Sid Gillman-Hank Strahm.

In the regular season, since the first game in 2008, Harbau has maintained a 13-11 lead over Tomlin. Thanks to a rigorous selection process, two thirds of the matches were scored with four points or less, including four matches in extra time.

I think that in times like this or off-season and whatever you’re lucky enough to enjoy, Tomlin said about the coach to Harbow. But I think they’re nameless now, like him, gray faces on the other side, man. You’re so obsessed with the strategies or decisions you have to make. When you play against good people, it’s important that you play [well].

In the history of the NFL, there are only two hide-and-seek games that shadow Tomlin-Harbau. George Halas and Curly Lambo met 48 times, and Lambo and Steve Owen trained against each other 28 times.

Fault! The file name is not specified. John Harbau’s Rooks and Mike Tomlin’s Steelies will make history on Sunday and celebrate the 25th anniversary of their release. For the second time in the regular season as head coach, a record for the Super Bowl era. Philip G. Pavely – Sports in the United States today

Tomlin, who was recruited in 2007, has the record of 139-74-1 (.652) in the regular season – a Super Cup and six AFC titles in the north. A year later, Harbow joined the Ravens and set a record of 123-75 (.621), winning a Super Bowl title and four division championships.

They stay true to themselves, and that’s what they all talk about, Harbau said. So that’s a sign of a damn good coach, and it’s clear that Coach Tomlin is one of the best, and we have a lot of respect for everything they do.

Harbow made a joke that he and Tomlin always had to be on opposite sides because he was on defense in college, and Tomlin – Wide Receiver. Although they are not good friends, they share a mutual admiration and love for football in Michigan.

Tomlin and Harbau is one of the four head coaches who have worked in the same team for the past twelve years. Bill Belichik (the Patriots) and Sean Peyton (the Saints) are the others.

You know what the Ravens’ games are, Tomlin. It’s a first-class organization and a football team. They have talent all over the world. They know us. We know them. There is continuity in the programs, in the staff, in the protagonists, and in things, and I think that makes the plot. We must expect that it will be a physical and difficult game, because history teaches us that and the way in which the two teams are playing this year also gives you that sign.

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