Hallmark Star Reveals Child’s Battle with Heart Surgery

Hallmark Channel

All Hallmark stars who made a film after the pandemic had to take special precautions on the set. But for Nikki DeLouche, everything was closer to home, because her grandson underwent three heart surgeries in the first three years of his life. She has taken special precautions in the production of her latest films.

DeLoach wore his mask at home during the shooting and only took it off while he was asleep

A new film by DeLocha Hallmark – Cranberry Christmas has just premiered. But filming in Canada was a little more stressful for DeLoach because of the health of his family. She told Hallmark for All Seasons that her three-year-old son had had three heart surgeries at an early age, so she had to be very careful.

In both Hallmark films I started wearing a mask at home when I started filming, she says. All the time. He just fell down while I was asleep. I’ve been very careful. And, you know, these manufacturing companies– the ones that do well in Canada– there’s no safer place.

She said she was nervous because the figures in the United States are so high, but the production companies are very cautious. She said she was very grateful to Hallmark for being able to make so many Christmas movies as in previous years.

She discovered that her son had heart defects when she was five months pregnant.

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This baby has set the record @childrensla – the fastest discharge after open-heart surgery! Three days after the operation, he’s on his way and we’re home. Benny, you’re the strongest, bravest boy I know. You’re a living, breathing miracle. This week has been another great example of how the power of prayer + the power of the church can help you through this ordeal. We were showered with food, flowers, balloons, crystals, games and nights for Hudson, healers, thoughts, love, light and many, many prayers. We are humiliated and moved to tears by the generosity and kindness of our friends, family and society. You’re all angels, and we’re very grateful. Dr. Stars and the entire Los Angeles Children’s Hospital staff thank you for saving my son’s life… …again. You’re the most amazing person in the whole country. ⭐️.

Message shared by Nikki DeLoach (@nikdeloach) 19. October 2018 at 8:38 PT.

When DeLoche was five months pregnant, she learned that her son, Bennett Christopher Goodell, now three years old, had several heart defects, including a small hole in his heart, a narrow aorta, arteries leading to the wrong chambers of his heart and a coronary artery that needed to be moved, reported the people. She said it was her family and her faith that supported her at the time. She turned to her husband for support because she suffered from severe postnatal depression after her first child.

Five days after the birth of his son in 2017 he had surgery and received several heart treatments. It took weeks to get over, and DeLoach said it was so hard for her. One night she cried and the nurse took her in her arms and told her that she was working with the children as she did every day and that Bennett would be fine.

However, it was difficult to make the transition when they got home. She told people: We brought Bennett home, and the first week was very difficult, because every time he breathed funny, or hot, or sneezed, I panicked…. I think it’s perfectly normal. I want mothers to know that it is perfectly normal to have post-traumatic stress disorder after experiencing such a situation.

In an interview with Christopher Clope, DeLoche said that when Bennett was only two years old, he had already had three open-heart surgeries. She said he was fine today, but at one point they were worried about losing his health insurance and the fact that he needed surgery. Hallmark stepped in and rescheduled the appointment with DeLoach so she could continue to claim health insurance.

She said her father started showing signs of dementia around the same time and later Pick’s disease was diagnosed. She told Christopher Big that she had doubted his faith for a while, and then she realized: The truth is that life is hard and bad things happen to all of us. Disease and illness are not discriminatory. It doesn’t matter what your race, gender or socio-economic level is. Bad things happen to everyone. It’s our belief that helps us understand every situation… …it’s our faith that helps us to look at it and say… How do I indicate this destination? How can I turn to God to overcome this trial when I know that in the end, no matter what happens, I will always be held.

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