The strangest, craziest, smartest, stupidest, best and worst season in the history of baseball is finally over – and it’s not clear whether we should be happy or sad. The big baseball competition has brought us so much joy, but also so much pain.

So, for many reasons that go way beyond the big baseball game, we can only hope that we will never have to relive it again.

It was a great season because, miraculously, it was complete. It started with a positive test on KOVID-19 a few hours before the season opener of national team star Juan Soto and ended with broadcasting third baseman Justin Turner of the Dodgers in the eighth inning of game six of the World Series due to a positive coronavirus test. Meanwhile, at the end of July, an epidemic broke out in the Miami Marlins. Shortly after, the Cardinals of St. Louis did the same. It almost destroyed their seasons… …and the seasons of the different teams.

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However, the baseball industry, and the players in particular, showed great discipline in following health and safety protocols, which allowed the game to end safely at the end of October. We did it partly because of the bubble, partly because we were seven innings short, partly because we put the runner in second place to start the draw in the tenth inning, and partly because we used a universally assigned batter.

It was a different game. Someone liked it, someone didn’t like it. We’ve all set a career record in terms of time and used the word coupe.

It was a great season thanks to the action of the team. The Los Angeles Dodgers won the World Series for the first time since 1988, and for the first time in the history of franchise sports they returned to victory 3-1 behind (against the Atlanta Braves in the National League Championship Series).

They came back after one of the worst defeats in the history of the World Series, the magical fourth game loss of the Tampa Bay Rays. Clayton Kershaw had a great World Series (although not as good as the Dodgers’ MVP series, Corey Seager) that put an end to the ridiculous story that he didn’t have the guts to play a great game. He has played in 11 post-season qualifiers, six of them as a starter, and has more shutouts (207) than any other pitcher in history after the season.

The flights that ended in third place of the Major Salary made the jump to the World Series, although they had no pitchers for the ERA-title (60 innings), both in the regular season and after the season, with a difference of minus 2, and 19 out of 103 runners in the offset.

The departments don’t have the best players, but they play better than any other team at a time when some teams don’t play well. And even after the defeat of the World Series, Tampa shone with his strength, talent and tenacity, it had never been so clear that somehow it had come back to win this unforgettable fourth game.

Fault! The file name is not specified. This year even talismans like Lou Syl got confused. AP photo / Ben Margot

The Marlins reached the play-offs despite the coronavirus epidemic – and won the series. In the first nine games of the season, they used nine starting players and 27 different shooters; in 60 games, 61 players were deployed; in one day, they made 23 shots on the roster. Manager Don Mattingly said it was a bit of an exaggeration to say he had met some of his players when he first went up the hill to change tracks, but said he didn’t know what to expect from his five players because he’d never seen them play.

It was a great season thanks to the intrigues of the players. Airman Mike Brosso admitted he wasn’t a big player in high school. He was an unskilled free agent who, thanks to his stamina, made it to division one. Then, on the count of five. In the second game of the American Hockey League, he scored a homerun against the pitcher – Aroldis Chapman, who had almost left the field six weeks earlier. said Kevin Kirmeyer’s flying partner over Brosso: I love this guy. And Mike Zunino called it a home run. He said it would be the greatest moment in the history of the planet.

Randy Arozarena, 20 years old, a rookie, escaped from Cuba after spending eight hours in a small boat. He played in Mexico and then signed a contract with the cardinals. In January, however, it was recognised (although not by Ray) as a secondary trade. Arozarena then set a record for most home runs (10) and most hits (29) in each off-season and pushed the song Hey, Arozarena up.

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Jeff Pasan rewrites Macarena’s hit of the ’90s, with revolutionary star Randy Arozaren in the middle.

His story can only happen in baseball. In basketball, no player leaves the G-League, leads his team to goals or takes his team to the NBA finals.

It was a great season because the races were excellent despite the many shortcomings. And there have been so many: only 54 playoff games.

The 30th. The month of September was dominated by eight playoff games, which I jokingly called the best day of my life, and which made some people think about how I could put a playoff baseball day on the birth of our two children. I was joking.

We had a great Game 2 in the Padres Cardinals’ wildcard series when San Diego, who were about to eliminate, caught up four times and became the first team to score five home runs after the sixth set of the post-season game, including an unforgettable explosion (and batting) of shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr.

Two home runs for Fernando Tati Jr. and the legendary bat.

It’s arrived.

– 1. Sports Centre (@SportCenter) October 2020

The fifth. In the 2nd game of the ALDS we won 2-1 against the Yankees (home game against Brosso). We’ve had two LCS 7 games, the first time since 2004. Houston Astros was the second team to reach seventh place and fell back in the series with a 3-0 lead. And game seven of the NLCS, the 4-3 victory of the Dodgers over the Braves, was the classic of the month in October, which Cody Bellinger won with a homerun in the seventh set.

And of course, the World Series 4 was great, with the craziest ending in the history of any World Series game. This is the first World Series game that has been in the lead three times since the sixth set. The final came when Brett Phillips of Race scored his first goal in his third post-season competitive career, a single goal that earned him his second RBI since July 27 and set the score. The Dodgers were the first team in the history of the World Series to make two mistakes in the game (forward Chris Taylor and Fang Will Smith) that led to the loss, allowing Arozarena, who fell to third place, to score a goal.


– ESPN (@espn) 25. October 2020

In this last piece I lost ten years of my life, according to Raze Brandon Lowe.

It was a great season because we got a better view on the ball curve of Astros Framber Valdez. We first looked at Ian Anderson of the Braves, who joined Christie Matheson (1905) as the only pitcher who didn’t allow the game in his first three off-season starts. Anderson was the first starting pitcher in the history of the Braves (Boston, Milwaukee and Atlanta) to win the post-season start. Then the newcomers Kyle Wright and Bryce Wilson came in second and third place.

We saw a 458-foot homer on Giancarlo Stanton’s Yankee; they had to measure him from second base. We saw a 487-foot explosion by Louis Robert of the White Sox. We saw a brilliant defense, especially from Dodger Mookie Betts, right wing. We also saw him from the Rayfield.

We had a third baseman, the Dodgers Justin Turner, in the mike in a playoff game where, he said, his teammate A.J. Pollock occasionally caught fouls on the left field line and then shot the figures in the stands, a game they called Down The Clown.

It was a great season because the Dodgers caught Will Smith at home at NLCS Braves Relief. In the third game of the World Series, Ryan Sherriff, to the delight of Andy Griffith fans, met Chris Taylor for the first Sherriff Taylor battle.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Some Dodger fans have followed the World Series – in their cars near Dodger Stadium. It’s been a year. Mario Tama/Getty Pictures

We spent time with Dusty Baker, the director of Astros, who complained that COWID-19, among other things, prevented him from eating on the road.

I looked in my wallet, Dusty said, and I thought: Hey, that’s the same money I had here yesterday.

When a young reporter asked about the power of Baker’s little second baseman, Jose Altuv, compared Dusty Altuv to Mighty Mouse, and realized that the reporter probably had no idea who Mighty Mouse was.

Google Mighty Mouse, Baker said he was the bad guy.

And yet, despite all this size, it was different throughout the season until the end. It wasn’t like that, without a pile of dogs on the pitching hill after the finals, without 50,000 fans shaking the baseball stadium, without champagne sucking everyone in sight. There will always be an imaginary star next to the 2020 season, but there is no point in disproving the Dodgers championship, which was 56-22 in the regular season and 56-22 in the off-season and was clearly the best on the field this season until the last game day.

October was amazing, but it was a little embarrassing that two teams, the Milwaukee Brewers and the Astros, reached the play-offs with records up to 500, doubling the number of teams to make baseball history. Breweries have not spent more than 500 days throughout the season. They hit .223, which would be the lowest average in play-off history, except that the other two teams, the Red Cincinnati and Chicago Cubs, had a lower average win this year.

In fact, this season has the lowest five goals of all the teams that reached the play-offs.

But only the Reds ended the season with more steps than in the singles for the first time in history. You didn’t play 22 innings in low season.

Shortening the schedule and broadening the lineup has further reduced the importance of pitchers and increased the use of paddocks, which may not be a good idea. In the off-season, 466 1/3 innings were thrown by the Starters and 468 2/3 innings by the Relivers, a disturbing trend in the sport that was never more apparent than in World Series 6 when Wraith starter Blake Snell retired after 73 innings – despite having eliminated nine of the 18 goals he scored and allowing only one high-performance ball.

And this: On the second. In October against the Cardinals, Padres was the first team in history – in the regular season or after the season – to take a nine-goal break with nine kickers.

In six playoff games, the Padres used eight, nine, five and eleven pitchers. There are 51 playgrounds, which are the most used so far in six games. The 5. game that became a potential vowel for the NLCS, the Braves started E.J. Minter’s game. He hasn’t played a single game since college; during his four-year career in major leagues he has never played a single game. And then he was the first pitcher in post-season history to score seven shots in three innings. In games 2 and 6 of the Dodgers World Series the Dodgers used paddocks despite the enormous depth of the starting area; starting player Tony Gonsolin only had to score six goals.

Bob Gibson would disagree. This brings us to the worst game of baseball in 2020; we lost Bob Gibson, Al Kalin, Tom Seaver, Lou Brock, Whitey Ford and Joe Morgan. For baseball fans my age (63) it was our childhood. They were our baseball heroes. You showed us how to play the game. After the death of Morgan, the Catcher Hall of Fame and his former teammate Johnny Bench asked: How many more things can you pull?

It has been a tough season because Cleveland Indians coach Tito Francon, who makes us laugh and smile, missed 48 games, including the off-season, due to his illness.

Altuve had the eggs for a short period of time; he made four casting errors in the same series, after not making a single casting error during the whole season. There have been too many Homers and too many strikes. At one point, the homerun percentage (15.5%) was the same as that of Willie McCovey and the strikeout-percentage (23%) was the same as that of Roger Clemens.

Fault! The file name is not specified. – set


Jeff Pasan explains how Justin Turner returned to the field after retiring for a positive COVID 19 test halfway through the game.

The Braves and Reds set a record for the number of shots (37) in the post-season dilemma round of the game. It was also the first post-season match without points in 12 innings.

Numerous atrocities were committed during the off-season games, including the 7th game of the season. It was the first game of the NLCS when the Braves, whose runners were in second and third place and who never had to deal with the Dodgers, somehow ran into a double-header on the floor, the very first game for the New York Mets in July 2019. But the Mets weren’t the only winners in their first world series since 1999.

Selfishly it was a tough season for me because I missed my first World Series game since 1981. I watched all the games after the season in the 8/1-113 conference room next to the ESPN cafeteria. I watched tonight with my baseball teammates – Carl Raveh and Mark Teixeira. It was a lot of fun, but it wasn’t the same as the World Series.

This season the situation was different. Nothing was easy this year. It was exhausting. However, we should all be grateful that the season ended with a memorable October. But please, give us 2021 best health, 162 games, fans in the stands, nine innings, no second runner in the 10th minute of the game. Inning, no bubble in October and a seat in the Swinging Home Baseball Stadium, not the ESPN cafeteria, for the World Series.

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