Hollyoaks’ Tom Benedict Knight reveals ‘fireworks’ as Brad causes mayhem

Brad spends little time creating chaos in Hollyoak (Photo: Limestone).

Brad King (Tom Benedict Knight) has already made a name for himself in Hollyoaks after turning the eponymous village upside down last week.

The newcomer made a strong impression on Maxine Minniver (Nikki Sanderson), who was clearly very attached to him – until she discovered he was her new master!

But despite this somewhat awkward introduction, the sparks do fly in the first episode of E4 (January 18).

But things get even more complicated when Maxine’s mother, Trish (Denise Welch), shows up looking for her boyfriend, and soon it turns out it’s Brad!

Maxine is naturally horrified to learn that she shared a kiss with her mother’s fiancé, but Brad seems to like her.

Brad hides from Maxine that he is his mother’s lover (Photo: Lime Pictures)

He is a womanizer to say the least, actor Tom Benedict Knight told Metro.co.uk. He is attracted to Maxine because she is attractive, but he is also attracted to her because of the winning aspect: the fact that she is the daughter of his long-time love – and what man does that!

Brad, of course!

The host is certainly an enigma, that’s for sure, but it’s clear that he likes to manipulate and do his best to make sure he’s in control.

That’s the problem with Brad, Tom said. He is very narcissistic and goal-oriented – and very eager to get what he wants. Playing a character like that is truly every actor’s dream, and I’m sure it will cause absolute chaos in the village – it can’t happen!

For me, as an actor, playing Brad is an absolute pleasure. To play someone so complicated. I think we know all the Brads in this world, have heard about them or had contact with them, and there is something in them that needs to do damage.

Tom promises fireworks if Brad moves into the village (Photo: Lime Pictures).

Of course, it’s still too early for this scenario, so we’re not entirely sure what will happen next. If Brad gets caught, what then? Trish refuses to believe Maxine’s claims that Brad kissed her, so it’s unlikely her bad-boy nature will be revealed.

However, we know that Maxine’s relationship with her mother is complicated, so maybe Brad will feel guilty about the damage he is doing? Will he regret Trish’s affair with his daughter?

Tom doesn’t believe it. He told us: I think some of Brad’s personality and character is missing, and that’s probably the fault! If you look at the character’s background, there doesn’t seem to be much to it. I think that’s what allows him to do what he does.

I think he’s absolutely, positively convinced that he can’t be caught or punished. And maybe the thrill of getting caught is a turn-on for him.

Brad is sure to stir up tempers and put a cat among the pigeons, that’s for sure, and Tom is curious to see what the character’s future holds for him.

I want you to meet a new kind of bad guy! He exclaimed. Brad is a bad boy by nature. He is, after all, narcissistic and manipulative. I think it would be interesting to take this to the village and watch the fireworks!

Hollyoaks will take place on Monday the 18th. January, 7:00 p.m. on E4.

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