Now that Biden has beaten Trump, his transition team is starting to translate his election promises into plans that he can implement early in his presidency.

Biden’s first thing is likely to be a growing coronavirus pandemic. On Monday, he will appoint a 12-man coronavirus working group, according to two sources who know his plans. Biden also said during the campaign that before taking office, he would meet Dr. Anthony Fauci, the government’s leading expert on infectious diseases.

It is also willing to undertake a series of executive actions that will reverse many of Trump’s foreign policy actions and aim to quickly restore the status of the United States at the end of former President Barack Obama’s term of office, four years earlier.

When asked what Biden would do on his first day in office, Simone Sanders, Biden’s campaign advisor, told CNN Sunday that the president-elect intends to keep his election promises.

On his first day in office, Biden made several commitments to join the Paris Climate Change Accord, the milestone in the international agreement on climate change that Trump will conclude in 2017. He also said he would become a member of the World Health Organization, which Mr Trump resigned this year.

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These two actions emphasize the big difference between Biden and Trump: Biden has long believed in multilateral organizations and alliances that Trump does not trust.

Biden also said he would lift the travel ban on vagrants from some Muslim-dominated countries and reintroduce the Action for Delayed Childhood, which allows dreamers – undocumented immigrants brought to the United States as children – to stay in the country.

The results – although Republicans still have a small majority in the Senate, although Democrats will gain control of the House of Representatives if they win two smaller rounds of Senate elections in Georgia in early January – illustrate the difficulty of Biden’s victory in the legislature, which makes his government’s executive action even more important.

The Biden team, which had met during the transition period, was quietly preparing for Labor Day and has intensified its activities in recent weeks, including the launch of a website and social media accounts on Sunday.

The Biden-Harris Transition report chirps that the new government will take on the most urgent tasks of the country, identify, protect and preserve the health of our nation, renew our capacity to succeed, promote racial equality and combat the climate crisis.

Biden mentioned a number of other priorities during the election campaign and in his policies during the primary and parliamentary elections, including the fight against systemic racism, climate change and better protection for trade unionists.

Biden pledged to take steps to reform the policy, including expanding and enshrining the Obama policy’s ethical obligation to lobby and any inappropriate or improper influence by personal, financial or other interests.

He also promised to restore leadership of the Obama administration, which will restore gender-sensitive access to sports, bathrooms and locker rooms for transgender students.

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