Today is an incredibly sad day with the arrival of rumors that the legendary actor Sean Connery has died. Connery is best known for his interpretation of the original James Bond and dozens of other leading roles in films and was one of the most loved and respected actors of our time. No direct cause of death was given, but according to his son, Connery died in his sleep at night while he had been in the Bahamas for some time after he had been ill. The news of the actor’s death comes just over two months after his 90th birthday. Birthday.

Thomas Sean Connery was born on the 25th. Born in August 1930 in Fauntenbridge, Edinburgh, Scotland. As a young man he served with the Royal Navy and trained as a bodybuilder and footballer. His decision to devote himself to acting was mainly financial, as he started helping backstage at the Théâtre Royal in the early 1950s to improve his income. Connery accepted a role in the production of South Pacific, and as soon as he felt like playing, he discovered his passion. And became one of the greatest Hollywood actors of all time.

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Connery found his calling when he started playing the role of British secret agent James Bond and then worked in the film. He debuted in 1962 as 007 in the film Dr. No and gave the role in the Russian sequels with Love, Golden Finger, Thunder and You Only Live Twice. After George Lazenbee briefly took over the role, Connery returned for good to the film adaptation of the Diamonds sequel and will never say it again: Never again. For many Bond fans, Connery remains the best of all the actors to play an icon.

James Bond is one of the many, many roles that Connery fans enjoy. Jimmy Malone in Untouchables won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor at the Academy Awards. He is also easily recognized by his memorable roles in films such as Marnie, Too Far Bridge, Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade, The Hunt in Red October, The First Knight, The Heart of the Dragon, The Rock and The Search for the Forest. Connery withdrew after his last live-action performance in 2003 in the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, although he did talk about the documentary Ever to Excel and his role in the animated film Sir Billy.

Connery’s achievements have been recognized by People magazine in 1999 as the sexiest person in the world and the sexiest person of the century. In 2000 he was knighted for his services for the dramatic film. In 2008 Connery also published a dissertation on being Scottish, written in collaboration with Murray Gregor.

Before that, Connery was married to actress Diana Cilento from 1962 to 73 years old, Cilento died in 2011. Among the surviving Connerys are his second wife, Micheline Rockbrun, whom he has married since 1975, his son from the Cilento, Jason Connery, and his grandson from Jason’s marriage to actress Mia Sarah.

Together with the rest of Connery’s family and friends we offer our condolences at this painful moment. There’s no denying that Connery’s legacy will preserve his memory forever. Rest in peace. This message comes from Variety.

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