The first design of November’s NBA Free Agency was wild. Since the opening of the free desk last Friday, there have been many headaches. Let’s look at the top two losers of the NBA Free Agency in 2020.

Loser #1: Charlotte Horns

Charlotte Hornets joins an independent agency with lots of space in her hat. They decided not to spend that money wisely, no more than four years, to spend $120 million to send Gordon Hayward.

Hayward surprised more than a few people by giving up his $34.2 million option on the Boston Celtics. Hayward freely signed a contract with any team and managed to sign his second consecutive contract worth more than $120 million, although he was not satisfied with his stay in Boston.

A 30-year-old girl, prone to injuries, has played an average of 41.6 games against the Celtics in one season. His injuries limited him to five NBA play-off appearances in 2020.

Hayward, in his honor, is facing a very regular season. On average he scored 17.5 points, 4.1 assistants and 6.7 rebounds in his career. He scored 50 percent on the pitch and 85.5 percent on the free kicks, two bestsellers in his career. The high score is especially impressive when you consider that it was usually the fourth option when it comes to attacking Boston. Despite the fact that Hayward is a very good player, he is no longer a star – and yet the Hornets have paid him the same as the Hornets.

Hayward’s new contract with the Hornets will cost them even more than his previous contract with the Celtics, which he signed in 2017. The reason for this is that they would leave Nicolas Batum in the stretch position. It will cost them $9 million a year for the next three seasons.

This brings the cost of Hayward’s signature to $147 million over four seasons:

Gordon Hayward’s practical value to the Horns is four years, or $147 million. Including the money earmarked for signing at Batum.

When he signed with the Celts in 2017, he received $128 million. When he was 27 years old, he was in good health and out of the All Stars image.

– Samuel H. Quinn (@SamQuinnCBS) 21. November 2020.

One year after Terry Rosier’s $56.7 million overpayment, the Hornets signed another ruthless signature. Rosier and Hayward work best with the ball in their hands – just as they chose LaMelo Ball and Devonte star Graham in the first round.

The ball selected with the third overall pick in the NBA draft is the general pitch for the future team. The hornets could accelerate Ball’s growth by attracting great talent from the free agency. Instead, they awarded Hayward an important contract which cannot even lead to an increase in the franchise for the post-seasonal year 2021.

Loser No. 2: Piston Detroit

Troy Weaver was the general manager of Detroit Pistons in his first off-season. After playing against Killian Hayes, Isaiah Stewart and Saddik Bay in the first round, Weaver made some moves with a free agent. He agreed to sign a $25 million three-year contract with Mason Plumley and then offered Jerami Grant a $60 million three-year contract. The pistons were also brought to the center by Jalil Okafor and striker Josh Jackson.

Plumley received more guaranteed funding than Serge Ibaka, Tristan Thompson and Montrell Harrell as increasingly talented centres. Plumlee recorded 7.2 points and 5.2 rebounds in 17.3 minutes and started just one of 61 games with Denver nuggets. The pistons spent too much on Plumley to continue their careers, and then made it worse by adding Okafor. They are now part of a very dense middle group, including Stuart.

There are also concerns about the grant contract. Grant, a strong bilateral player who manages to get the nuggets through in the run-up to the Western Conference finals, doesn’t guarantee $20 million a year. The forward scored an average of 12.0 points, 3.5 rebounds, 1.2 assists and 0.8 block in 26.6 minutes. Grant actually got the same offer from Nuggetts, but he decided to sign with the Pistons to get more opportunities to attack:

Denver was ready to take over the $60 million that Jerami Grant had received from Detroit for three years. Grant has enjoyed his stay in Denver, but he is leaving for the Pistons, where he is expected to play a more aggressive role.

– 21. Shams Charanya (@ Shams Charanya) 21. Shams Charanya. November 2020

As one of the best wingback defenders of the NBA, Grant makes the Pistons a better team, but the costs are too high.

Besides Plumley and Grant, the pistons spent $85 million on two old nuggets. Plumlee will almost certainly leave the bank, while Grant, despite his high salary, can also be a reserve. There’s still Blake Griffin on the Pistons’ list, which means Grant will only play with a small vanguard, which means the promising young Sekou Doombuya will come off the bench.

The pistons decided not to stop Christian Wood by agreeing to sign and exchange the Houston rockets. Wood will yield $41 million in three seasons on Missiles. Wood, 25, scored 13.1 points and 6.3 rebounds last season and competed in 62 (12 starts) of the 66 races of the Pistons. The stock market is an increase compared to voodoo because of its defensive capabilities. However, the pistons might regret that they didn’t think the wood was less precious, because they are far from being distributed.

The busy low season in Detroit leaves less room for drastic changes in the future. What’s more, there’s not even a guarantee that the Pistons’ signature will bring the needle closer to the NBA playoffs.

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