The Atasquadero ceremony takes place at Liki Liberty; Paso Robles rides on.

District North – The District North celebrates Veterans Day, but because of the KOVID 19 pandemic it will be different.

Wednesday the 11th. In November a ceremony is held in Atasquadero, but Paso Robles has moved his ceremony to the Passage.

All 11. In November, the United States celebrates Veterans’ Day. In 1918, the Armistice Day marked the end of the Second World War – the eleventh anniversary of the armistice. Day of the 11th.

In 1954, Armistice Day was renamed Veterans’ Day to honor veterans of all wars.

Instead of the traditional ceremony at Paso Robles Cemetery, the organisers organise a Wednesday walk along the Avenue du Drapeau. People can see the flags at the cemetery in the Paso Robles district and the scouts throughout the city.

The Atasquadero ceremony will take place from 11 a.m. at the Freedom Face Memorial, 9029 Morro Rd. The ceremony includes the Welcome Home Military Heroes flagpole, the anthem of local artist Rebecca McKinley, a performance by the former Chief of Police of Atasquadero, John Kuch, and the Veteran of the Year award ceremony.

Atasquadero will present two Distinguished Veterans of the Year – one, Ray Johnson, will be announced by the organizing committee, the other will be announced during the ceremony.

The ceremony ends with a presentation of wreaths from the VFW rescue centre and a TATS game. The committee recommends that participants in the event maintain a social distance and wear protective clothing.

Johnson was born and raised in Ripon and graduated from high school in Ripon. After graduating from Modest Junior College, he enrolled in January 1958 as a Naval Cadet (NAVCAD) in the Naval Aviation Training Program in Pensacola, Florida. He got his wings and assignments in July 1959.

He is assigned to an anti-submarine helicopter squadron in San Diego for his first mission with the Sikorsky SH-34. He was sent to the West Pacific for two half-yearly trips. During this tour he went to Vietnam twice.

Johnson has served in the fleet for almost 22 years, reaching the rank of commander in 1979 and withdrawing from the fleet. Since leaving the Navy, he was director of the Christian Retreat Military Center for eight years, management consultant and general chairman of the San Luis Obispo County Economic Development Corporation (EVC) for 15 years. He is former president of Atascadero Rotary and president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Atascadero. He is an elder of his church, the Chapel of the Gospel of Atasquadero. For eight years he was a member of the city council of Atasquadero and for three years he was mayor.

In 2006, the Atasquadero Chamber of Commerce awarded Johnson the Civic Year and in 2018 he was elected to the Chamber. Johnson and his wife Helen lived in Atasquadero for 33 years.

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